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6 Best Pieces On The High Street This Season

Fashion can be a risky business. Trends shift and a misplaced investment in luxury fashion can leave you mocked by your bank balance as well as your mates. But with high street brands producing their own, let’s say ‘homages’ to the runways, you can dip a toe this season without scalding yourself. It’s time to shop smarter.


Animal hides are expensive. Like suede and fur, even budget shearling can leave you out of pocket. Faux fabrics are not only a good option for the cautious, but also an ethical and cost-effective choice.

We’re particularly taken by this faux shearling overcoat from Topman, which for £85 is a decent facsimile of the real thing. With designer versions nudging five figures, the savings here are as extreme as the weather this jacket can do battle with.

Camel Faux Shearling Jacket, available at Topman, priced £85.

Camel Faux Shearling Jacket

Colour-Block Knitwear

Valentino’s AW15 show took colour-blocking to new levels, and this season the high street is awash with autumnal knits that utilise the same optical technique.

Shore Leave, the house brand from Urban Outfitters, nails the look with this merino knit (in the equally on-trend combo of burgundy and mustard) for a fraction of the cost. But know where runway emulations end and pair with raw denim and a dark overcoat. You canoverdo the pattern thing.

Shore Leave by Urban Outfitters Ian Camel Panel Knit Jumper, available at Urban Outfitters, priced £40.

Shore Leave by Urban Outfitters Ian Camel Panel Knit Jumper

Selvedge Denim

Selvedge jeans have long been the preserve of denim nerds, who empty their savings to flash those tell-tale stripes on their turn-ups. But they’re now a little easier to get hold of, thanks to high street giants like Topman and Uniqlo flexing their supply chain muscle.

For under £35 you can now get selvedge jeans in a range of finishes and fits, leaving plenty of cash to flaunt alongside your rolled up hems.

Regular Fit Selvedge Jeans, available at Uniqlo, priced £34.90.

Regular Fit Selvedge Jeans


After a decade fetishing heritage, menswear’s stepped into the future. Modern materials like neoprene and scuba are a quick way to update your wardrobe and inject some edginess into your look. But Valentino and Neil Barrett’s neoprene sweats will set you back upwards of £300, which is a heavy investment in something that’s likely to date quickly.

Instead, take a deep dive into ASOS’s future-facing sweatshirts with faux leather panelling for a more affordable statement piece, or a simple black neoprene bomber that will ensure you look current and classic simultaneously.

ASOS Oversized Scuba Sweatshirt With Embossed Panel, available at ASOS, priced £27.

ASOS Oversized Scuba Sweatshirt With Embossed Panel

ASOS Bomber Jacket In Neoprene, available at ASOS, priced £60.

ASOS Bomber Jacket In Neoprene

White Trainers

The ultimate in understated footwear, the white leather trainer is this season’s most ubiquitous shoe style. But doing simplicity right is often expensive. High-end versions from brands like Common Projects, or Raf Simons’ take on the adidas Stan Smith, cost a minimum of £250.

Swerve them for Sweden’s king of high street minimalism, Cos, which offers a white leather trainer so versatile it will soon become a wardrobe staple. Especially since it’s under £80.

Lace Up Leather Sneakers, available at COS, priced £79.

Lace Up Leather Sneakers


The resurgence in handheld bags has been a contentious trend to say the least. But love it or loathe it, these folios are an excellent example of how one simple accessory can elevate an entire look.

Exactly what kind of documents men need to carry around is debatable, but in a more practical sense, these pouches double up as an excellent way to cart your iPad, wallet and keys without unsightly bulges to your tailoring (we won’t call it a purse if you don’t).

Bottega Venetta, Saint Laurent and Givenchy options cost well into three figures, but River Island’s sleek faux leather version is a bargain at £25, leaving plenty of cash to splash out on some documents. If not an iPad.

River Island Faux Leather Document Holder, available at ASOS, priced £25.

River Island Faux Leather Document Holder

6 Ways To Wear The Colour Trend Of The Season You Should Know

Seasonally-appropriate and surprisingly versatile, this masculine shade will make a welcome addition to any cold-weather wardrobe. Here, we show you six foolproof ways you can introduce military green to your looks this season, along with the key pieces you should be considering picking up in the hue.


1. The Flight Jacket

There’s no surprise that the flight jacket works so well in military green, considering the outerwear style was originally designed for pilots in the US Air Force.

Today, the silhouette’s timeless appeal and strong heritage remains, looking as rich and masculine as ever in the earthy tone.

If, like most of us, you’re not an actual pilot, you can still work this piece into your daily rotation with ease – throw it on with jeans and a T-shirt for an effortlessly cool off-duty look, or dress it up with an Oxford shirt, slim-cut chinos and leather Derby boots for a superb high-low combination.

Keep an eye out for styles with shearling collars to nail two key AW15 trends in one.

Men's Military Green Bomber Jacket - How To Wear

Get The Look

Belstaff Flight Detachable Collar Jacket, available at Selfridges, priced £595.

Belstaff Flight Detachable Collar Jacket

2. The Lightweight Parka

Another outerwear style with a strong military heritage is the parka, with the modern fishtail silhouette originally used to protect the United States Army from the elements during the Korean War.

Today, the parka has been adopted by city dwellers and country explorers alike, who still appreciate the cover and protection it provides against inclement weather.

An extremely versatile addition to your transitional season wardrobe, a lightweight unlined version looks just as good thrown over a jeans and sweatshirt combination as it does a suit for those brisk morning commutes.

Men's Military Green Bomber Jacket - How To Wear

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Hooded Cotton Parka, available at Mango, priced £139.99.

Hooded Cotton Parka

3. The Trousers

Looking to branch out from the safety of navy and grey legwear? Try a pair of slim-cut chinos in a rich green shade.

Striking yet sophisticated, they’re sure to make you stand out in an understated way this season, and are arguably just as versatile as your classic khaki pair.

With blue and green a key colour combination for 2015, try teaming yours with a chambray shirt or cobalt blue bomber jacket for an on-point everyday look. Finish with a pair of brown shoes or boots as the rich, earthy tones will complement each other perfectly.

Men's Military Green Bomber Jacket - How To Wear

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Satin Chinos, available at Massimo Dutti, priced £49.95.

satin chinos

4. The Roll Neck

With autumn just around the corner, it’s time to welcome knitwear back into our lives. The roll neck is another menswear classic that is returning this season, with its retro vibe and gentlemanly feel bringing a touch of sophistication to your cold-weather wardrobe.

Military green looks even better carried on a thick, chunky knit, especially when teamed with equally heavyweight trousers. To keep the heritage feel flowing from head-to-toe, complete your ensemble with smart leather brogue boots – perfect for taking you from the office to after-work drinks.

Men's Military Green Bomber Jacket - How To Wear

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Green Turtleneck, available at Suit Supply, priced £129.

green turtleneck

5. The Suit

Topping our list of new suit colours to try this season, a dark green two-piece offers a sure-fire way to stand out amongst a sea of navy blue and grey.

The great thing about this tone is that not only does it work well with your go-to white shirt and blue tie combination, but it also sits beautifully alongside rich reds, oranges, browns and mustards, when you want to take a more dressed-down approach.

Opt for a design in a heavyweight fabric and it will see you right through to next spring.

Men's Military Green Bomber Jacket - How To Wear

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British Tweed Suit Jacket, available at Ben Sherman, priced £250.

ben sherman tweed suit

6. The Blazer

If a full suit is too much for you, a dark green blazer will make a great addition to your separates collection.

Texture is key with this shade; flecked wool versions, like the one from Burton below, offer natural texture, bringing character and interest to your smart-casual looks.

This is a jacket that will combine effortlessly with everything you already own, from grey trousers to dark denim to beige chinos – so mix and match to create your perfect combination.

Men's Military Green Bomber Jacket - How To Wear

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Forrest Wool Blazer, available at Burton, priced £85.

burton blazer

The Best Men’s Footwear Styles You Should Know 2019

For many parts of your wardrobe, winter is the time to shine. We’re talking layering, reverse layering, chunky knits, and coats that mean business. A whole lot of ticks there, right?

One minor notch in the “eh, not so good” column is footwear. Winter really does scupper you. You become beholden to the elements. You rely on your smartphone’s inefficient weather app like a newborn fawn does its mother. But, in the immortal words of Tony Soprano, don’t let anyone make you feel like you don’t got options.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at autumn/winter 2015’s key footwear styles:

Vibram-Soled Smart Shoes

Italian firm Vibram started off making mountain boots, which is about as tough as tough shoes get. Spurred on by the unfortunate deaths of a group of mountaineering friends who perished with fingers pointed to inadequate footwear as the main assailant, the Italian brand’s namesake, founder Vitale Bramani, was inspired. He began developing a new rubber-based sole, eventually creating the first ‘lug’ sole, which replaced genuinely-quite-dangerous-when-icy leather hobnail shoes and changed the game in terms of grip.

While we’re not advocating you go rock climbing in them, Vibram has nailed heavy-duty formal footwear for those who need to traverse treacherous conditions to go and sit around in the office all day. Which is handy, because we’re unsure if there’s anything worse than falling flat on your arse in public.

Stylishness may vary wildly, but there are plenty of Vibram-soled options that run the full length of the formality spectrum: the dapper Dinkelacker Rio with its water-repellent brogue upper and Vibram Maximum sole; the super-luxe Visvim Black Patrician that looks like a Doc Marten on steroids; and Mark McNairy’s Country Brogue, which combines a traditional brown leather upper with a striking blue welt and contrasting white Vibram sole for the ultimate blend of classic and contemporary.

Of course, while Vibram is the original purveyor of rubber outsoles, every brand from high street to high-end now produces their own take, recognising the modern man’s desire for stylish and practical footwear. So, whether you’re a brogue, Derby or Oxford kind of guy, you’re sure to find something suitable on the current market.

Just think of all the bruised egos and arses saved.

Men's Vibram, Rubber, Commando, Lug Soled Shoes Outfit Inspiration Lookbook

APC aw15 armani collezioni aw15 debenhams ss15 zara tailoring autumn 2015 mango man aw15 falconnable 2015 boglioli aw15 river island aw15 bensimon aw15 aquascutum aw14 boss orange aw15 m&s aw15

Leather Brogue Boots

With Red Wing’s ubiquity in many parts of the UK reaching Taylor Swiftian altitude, it’s time we considered branching out when it comes to boot styles. The brogue boot’s duality and durability mark it out as a key piece of cold-weather kit: perfect for grizzly pint-nights, a wet walk to work on chilly Monday mornings, or even dressing down your suit if your office is a little more left-leaning.

Mostly indebted to the old guard of British shoemakers, the fact that the brogue boot doesn’t look or feel like something cooked up by a demented army surplus store with a predilection for tortured foot-arches is only the half of it: they tend to be comparatively cheap, too. Clarks’ brilliantly monikered Montacute Lord boots clock in at just £90, while Bertie offers its chunky Cyrus boot in tan or black for around £115.

Of course, should the mood strike you, there’s always the option to take a deep breath and screen calls from your bank having coughed up a cool £395 for Grenson’s superb Triple Welt ‘Fred’ model – a style that is almost guaranteed to last a lifetime with proper care and maintenance.

The brogue boot’s outdoorsy roots makes them ideal for teaming with heritage cloths such as wool, cord and tweed, as well as dark denim – particularly if you opt for a rich chocolate brown or tan pair. Just remember to keep your legwear slim and tapered – not to labour the point, but just because they’re called ‘bootcut’ jeans, it doesn’t mean you should buy them. Nobody should buy bootcut jeans.

Men's Leather Brogue Boots Outfit Inspiration Lookbook

hackett aw15 Debenhams aw14 Daniel Hetcher aw15 massimo dutti beyond the hills aw15 digel aw14 massimo dutti november 2014 mango man aw12 primark x farrell aw15 avva aw14 7 diamonds aw14 realm & empire aw14 brax aw14

(Single Or Double) Monk-Straps

Rest easy, denizens of #menswear forums of old, the faithful monk-strap remains a formal classic. Well, quite formal, anyway: you’re more likely to see them on the carefully unstructured, leather-skinned Sprezzatura boys of Italy’s smart-casual scene than in your office or at your common wedding, admittedly, but they’re still a purist’s choice.

Forget connotations of chanting men in ancient temples dressed in ochre robes and oxblood double-buckles – the monk-strap’s original purpose may have been to protect the feet of monks at work, but these days you’re more likely to find them on the FROW than a friar.

Traditionally, monk-straps sat somewhere between dressy and casual on the formality scale – not smart enough for suiting, but too dressy for a casual get-up. Now, though, you can easily team a pair with your tailoring. That said, your average off-the-peg, mid-range, slate-grey suit probably won’t cut the mustard with this one (dressier, often heavier suits, especially three-pieces, work better here), but you’re always welcome to try. As with anything: it’s the way you wear ’em, not what you wear.

Anyway, while the Italians (predictably) rule the roost – Giuseppe Zanotti has a mental gold and black shoe that’d make Liberace blush and Valentino does a pair that’ll make you believe in god – the rest of Europe is hanging tough, too. Footwear faithfuls like Grenson and Church’s have quality, understated offerings and Swedish shoemaker Vagabond is also in on the act, rounding off a very full field.

Men's Monk-Strap Shoes Outfit Inspiration Lookbook

allsaints aw12 suitsupply aw15 asos aw15 banana republic aw15 cerruti 1881 aw15 m&s best of british aw15 boss aw15 brioni aw14 reiss aw14 next spring 2015 allsaints october 2015 burton aw15

Leather Low-Top Sneakers

Never let it be said that sneakers – or trainers, if you’d forgive the apparently outdated nomenclature – are only summer-appropriate. While you’re best off boxing away pairs with delicate mesh insteps, leather variants prove hearty against even a British winter.

We aren’t talking the kind of soft leather you’d usually find on trainers, mind: that particular material will stand up against a quick sprinkling but a sustained splash will see their weight rise exponentially and, most importantly, totally ruin the finish. Thanks to the wonders of technology and clever coating, plenty of brands now offer styles that – while not all claiming to be ‘waterproof’ as such – are impressively water-resistant.

Adidas, as per usual, has the game on lock. Although some of the brand’s trendier options are made of too fine a leather to risk, its Superstars and Stan Smiths are pretty hard-wearing, meaning that they’ll see you right through the dark nights and still-quite-dark days of this season.

Nike, too, has plenty of leather options, including the Air Max 90s – which are trending so hard we’re a bit surprised they don’t yet have their own official hashtag. Oh, and Converse are offering leather Chuck Taylor All-Stars, too: perfect if you’re someone who still goes to college and carries their backpack over only one shoulder.

Men's Leather Low-Top Sneakers/Trainers Outfit Inspiration Lookbook

j.crew october 2015 asos aw15 whistles aw15 m&s autograph aw15 next autumn 2015 burton aw15 beyene 2014 hackett aw15 reiss aw15 h&m modern essentials 2015 mango man aw15 express autumn 2015

Hiking Boots

Their benefits (stability, longevity) are clear but the thing with hiking boots is that they’re usually just straight up hideous. And not even cool hideous like the majority of Rick Owens’ gear. They’re ugly in a ‘really plain family from the Home Counties on the tube who all dress in shabby greens and brown with big rucksacks and faces that let you know that they secretly hate each other but are too dour and lonely to do much about it’ way. Quite a specific ugly, that.

But there are a few that really do look great by anyone’s estimations. Styles like Diemme’s handmade Roccia Vet boot are a real winner, being sturdy and made to meet the physical demands of a hike, but not forsaking sartorial touches like metal hardware, waxed laces and cow leather inners.

Other brands making boots built to last (and not to visually offend) include Timberland, O’Keeffe, Heschung, Fracap and Moncler. As a general rule of thumb, steer clear of styles whose majority surface area is made up of blinding bright neon hues and plump for something a little subtler instead.

Unlike your leather low-tops, a hiking boot should never get anywhere near your tailoring. This is a strictly casual silhouette, which will always look its best combined with equally rugged pieces – think thick flannel shirts teamed with heavyweight twill jackets and raw denim.

Men's Hiking Boots Outfit Inspiration Lookbook

penfield 2014 suitsupply 2015 massimo dutti apres ski aw14 peuterey aw14 peuterey aw13 Scotch & Soda Amsterdam Blauw aw13 mango man 2014 club monaco autumn 2015 j.crew september 2015 house of fraser aw15 river island aw15 j.crew aw15

Reiss AW15 Shearling Jacket

10 Best Menswear Need To Buy For 2020

Don’t be fooled by the mild autumn. Winter is coming. Which means you need a wardrobe overhaul, to counter rougher weather and fashion’s fickleness.

If you haven’t had time to assess the trickle of AW15 drops, consider this your crib sheet. If you only buy 10 things this season, make them these.


In terms of the runway trends, shearling was inescapable, but it hasn’t quite translated into streetwear. The shearling coat is your obvious choice, and Jil Sander, Tom Ford and Burberry Prorsum all provide excellent options.

If the bank balance won’t stretch, made-in-the-UK brand Private White V.C. is offering a superb car coat with oversized shearling lapels for £795, while Reiss’ new premium linealso features a thigh-length shearling jacket for under a grand, or an all-black biker take, if you worry you’ll look too much like Del Boy.

If that’s still too much sheepskin, a shearling collar on a denim jacket is subtler; Wrangler, Lee and Nudie Jeans all have excellent takes that nod to the trend – and won’t clear out your savings.

Reiss AW15 Shearling JacketREISS AW15

Men's Shearling Jackets an dCoats

TOM FORD SHEARLING JACKET - click to buy BURBERRY PRORSUM SHEARLING-TRIMMED WOOL OVERCOAT - click to buy PRIVATE WHITE V.C. SHEARLING-TRIMMED COTTON-CANVAS CAR COAT - click to buy RENOIR SHEARLING AVIATOR JACKET BLACK - click to buy nudie jeans lenny denim jacket - click to buy Wrangler Fleece Lined Denim Sherpa Jacket - click to buy

Luxury Trainers

Designer trainers aren’t so much a trend, more a modern status symbol. The mushrooming array of hook-ups between high fashion and sports brands should be your first stop, especially if your tastes are more outré – kicks from adidas x Rick Owens and the Yohji Yamamoto-helmed Y-3 are especially high impact.

If you’re more minimalist, then look to brands like Common Projects and Filling Pieces, which provide a chic (and safer) alternative.

Filling Pieces Aw15FILLING PIECES AW15

Men's Luxury Trainers


Wide-Leg Trousers

The tide is finally turning against skinny jeans. E. Tautz, Balenciaga and Joseph have great wide-leg options in everything from pinstripe to denim this season, although the price tags mean that it’s a trend you’ll have to really commit to.

Key to pulling them off is balance: chunky shoes and knits echo the extra fabric swirling around your legs, and a jacket with a nipped-in waist and shorter hem will slim your silhouette, countering the billow down below.

Bally aw14BALLY AW14

Men's Wide-Leg Trousers

BALENCIAGA WIDE-LEG WOOL-FLANNEL TROUSERS - click to buy OUR LEGACY WIDE-LEG WOOL-HOPSACK TROUSERS - click to buy JOSEPH Jumbo Pinstripe Bradford Trouser - click to buy CHIMALA WIDE-LEG DENIM JEANS - click to buy

A Sleek Backpack

You’re after luxe, not hiking – premium fabrics, sober colours and no more than one outer pocket.

Thankfully, what looks spendy isn’t always; you can find great, budget options from brands like Mi-Pac and Herschel, as well as high street favourites such as Zara and River Island.

For more of an investment piece, Porter-Yoshida & Co, WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie and Miansai will ensure it’s a trend you can carry for a decade.

Burton Aw15 BackpackBURTON AW15

Men's Sleek Backpacks


Smart Boots

A perennial trend – even high fashion needs to nod to wet weather – this season’s footwear is chunky.

Trickers’ Burford Derby Boot is a classic style that, in either black or brown, will last you a lifetime. For something sleeker, Chelsea boots from the likes of Loake, R.M. Williams and Grenson are investment pieces that won’t date and work as well with your suit as your denim.

River Island Aw15 Chelsea BootsRIVER ISLAND AW15

Men's Smart Boots

TRICKER'S BURFORD DERBY BOOT - click to buy GRENSON JACOB CHELSEA BOOT - click to buy R.M. WILLIAMS LEATHER CHELSEA BOOTS - click to buy Loake Petworth Chelsea Boots - click to buy

Statement Jeans

The last few years have been all about selvedge, but now that those jeans you’ve not washed for two years are starting to show some ‘personality’, brands are following suit.

Heavily patched pieces from Junya Watanabe nod to the Gold Rush prospectors who’d repair theirs until they fell apart, and the fits and washes from Levi’s Vintage Clothing draw on the brand’s unrivalled archive. Which ensures the story your jeans tell is worth listening to, even straight off the rack.

scotch & soda Amsterdams Blauw aw15SCOTCH & SODA AMSTERDAMS BLAUW AW15

Men's Statement and Distressed Jeans

Levis 1967 505 JEANS - click to buy nudie jeans STEADY EDDIE FREDRIK REPLICA - click to buy scotch & soda lot 22 stump - click to buy JUNYA WATANABE PATCHWORK DENIM JEANS - click to buy


The perfect layering tool, this super-fine fabric adds heat without bulk. Though the high-end stuff from brands like Brunello Cucinelli can stretch to four figures, Uniqlo and M&S offer excellent versions that won’t break the bank.

For something more on-trend, opt for a roll neck in bottle green, grey or camel. Alternatively, if that lottery win is burning a hole in your pocket, an oversized Acne cashmere coat will still keep you warm once you’ve splurged the cash on holidays.

Marks & Spencer Best of British Aw15MARKS & SPENCER BEST OF BRITISH AW15

Men's Cashmere Jumpers and Coats

uniqlo 100% Cashmere Crew Neck Sweater - click to buy uniqlo 100% Cashmere Polo Neck Sweater - click to buy M&S COLLECTION LUXURY Pure Cashmere V-Neck Jumper - click to buy ACNE STUDIOS CHARLES OVERSIZED WOOL AND CASHMERE-BLEND OVERCOAT - click to buy

A Camel Overcoat

The camel coat has almost reached saturation point, but is swiftly transitioning from trend to staple. If you’re in a suit more than sweats, look for something cut as slim as your tailoring.

Streetwear guys, on the other hand, should steer drapey; softer shoulders with fabric hanging, not hugging, will pair with a hoody to class-up your downtime looks. Well, it works for Yeezy.

Suit Supply aw15SUITSUPPLY AW15

Men's Camel Overcoats

zara camel coat - click to buy AMI 3 BUTTON CLASSIC COAT - click to buy suitsupply light brown overcoat - click to buy Reiss GABRIEL WOOL BLEND EPSOM COAT CAMEL - click to buy

A Sweatshirt

Thanks to the trend for luxe sportswear, the humble sweatshirt has been elevated beyond your hangover outfits and into the realms of high fashion.

Contemporary French labels Ami and A.P.C. offer some understated logo options for those that like to showcase their allegiance, while J.Crew and Reiss produce some high quality pared-down styles, which will form the backbone of any versatile winter wardrobe.

J.Crew aw15J.CREW AW15

Men's Sweatshirts



Get this trend wrong and you’ll look like a geography teacher. Get it right and you’ll look like you just stepped off the Gucci catwalk.

If you fancy investing then look to Maison Kitsune’s shearling trimmed corduroy jacket (bundling trends is a menswear power move), or consider a well-cut blazer in a autumnal colourway (think teal, burgundy or bottle green) from the likes of Richard James or Burberry.

At the other end of the price spectrum, both Mango Man and John Lewis offer an excellent selection of corduroy trousers and casual shirts in a variety of colourways and cuts, which will help bolster your off-duty wardrobe.

House Of Fraser aw14HOUSE OF FRASER AW14

Men's Corduroy Clothing

7 best winter fashion styles

The best part about dressing up for winters is that you can carry your vintage wardrobe and can keep repeating it with style and confidence. Here is a list of 7 winter styles that have kept the ball of style rolling for decades.


Leather Jackets

Leather jackets have always trended both in the men as well as the women sections. Since 1900s, when they were worn by aviators and members of the military, leather jackets have been the most stylish trend for winters. Be it Jim Morrison’s sexy black jacket that he wore during his rock performances or Brad Pitt’s famous red jacket in Fight Club, these jackets have maintained their charm since till now and are surely going to win over the generations to come.



Designed for walking through snow, water and mud, boots were initially worn by anglers. They migrated to mainstream fashion in 1960s. It isn’t hard to believe that they’ve regained popularity and have even become a sexual fetish for the present generation.


Ascot Scarves

Originally designed to keep us warm and cozy, by the middle of the 20th century scarves emerged as one of the most essential and versatile clothing accessories for both men and women and they continue to trend, specially during winters.


Long Coats

Both topcoats and overcoats have a unique charm about them, not just in terms of keeping the body warm but also in having been patronized by the world of fashion. Everyone would agree to the fact that this style from the 1850s is still the biggest draw for those seeking an escape from the dominant fashion of jackets and hoodies.

Many of the 18th and 19th century style of overcoats like frock coats still conform to fashion.



Fur is one of the oldest forms of clothing. It’s interesting to note that fashion houses and their collections continue to impart a degree of furs to winter apparels. Fur jackets and dresses have been endorsed by many new generation designers.


Sport Shoes

Sport shoes or running shoes are an escape from the mainstream fashion. And thus, they can definitely be preferred by those who want comfortable footwear and wish to make a style statement at the same time.



The last one in the lot, poncho is the most ancient ways of keeping the body warm. This style has been there since 500 BC and still conforms to fashion. Imagine the feeling of wearing an almost blanket like piece that doesn’t look bizarre, and rather looks classy. Wearing colorful ponchos over plain and boring winter apparels can surely be a great idea.

Burton x New Balance HVL710 Vazee

The Best Trainer Releases October 2020

We’ve filleted out the killer from the filler to help you upgrade your sneaker game. Just don’t add them all to your basket at once.

Burton x New Balance HVL710 Vazee

Taken from the debut collaboration between Boston neighbours Burton Snowboards and New Balance, the HVL710 Vazee is built with a ‘street-to-snow’ ethos, which translates as dry feet on- and off-piste.

Based on New Balance’s 710 model – worn by the first team to climb Everest’s North Wall, no less – the design incorporates elements of Burton’s board boots, like reflective patches and a high-grip rubber sole, offering a more stylish way to tackle winter than resorting to hikers.

We’d advise casual styling with a denim and a crew neck over salopettes and a technical jacket. That’s where the accompanying snowboard boot comes in.

Available now from New Balance retailers.

Burton x New Balance HVL710 Vazee

Nike Air Huarache Utility Pack

Sportswear giant Nike has also focused on function this winter, giving its popular Huarache silhouette a practical update. Aiming to achieve “all day utility”, it draws inspiration from archive styles, blending understated practical elements with modern design. The final result is two simple, unassuming pairs, built to withstand the season’s worst.

A fused mudguard protects the shoe and its wearer from the elements, while the magwire system and Huarache Booty design ensure your feet are held snug enough to tackle any unforeseen icecapades. Throw strong coordinating laces and a chunky ‘sticky rubber’ sole in the mix, and you’re set for whatever Mother Nature throws at you.

Available at Nike from 6 November.

Nike Air Huarache Utility Pack

Puma x Atmos Disc Blaze ‘Venus’

In the Venn diagram of hypebeasts and physicists, there’s little crossover. But while those few in the sweet spot await the Supreme x Cern telescope collab, they can at least scratch the itch with this dazzling hook-up between Puma and Tokyo sneaker mecca Atmos.

Drawing inspiration from the night sky – in particular, the glow of Venus – the two labels have given the Disc Blaze a celestial makeover, with the deep blue suede upper joined by a speckled disc cage, accents of gold and a crescent moon emblem on each heel.

Oh, and the sole glows in the dark. Which admittedly isn’t great for getting a total blackout when you’re stargazing. Although they’ll pop when you’re queuing overnight for that new limited edition drop.

Available at END Clothing from 7 November.

Puma x Atmos Disc Blaze Venus

Packer x Reebok LX 8500

The follow-up to Packer’s ‘Summer’ Reebok Ventilator. The second of the duo’s seasonal hook-ups is a muted take on the LX 8500, which decks the shoe out in autumn leaf tones. Panels of burgundy suede are joined by accents of orange, yellow and sage, all finished with a part white, part gum rubber sole.

Embossed branding to the side completes the luxurious feel, while coordinating laces tie the whole look together. If you’ve already starting building your jumper and jacket collection for the imminent chillier months, these trainers are your perfect season-ready match.

Available now from Sneakersnstuff and END Clothing.

Packer x Reebok LX 8500

The List: 8 Key Pieces Must-Have In Your Wardrobe 2019

We hate to say goodbye to summer, but with the sunshine season drawing to an end, it’s time to start thinking about the upcoming colder months.

This transitional period is an easy one to master if you prioritise versatile and practical pieces, which also tick all the right boxes when it comes to style. And here’s the good news: you don’t have to completely revamp your wardrobe this year, as just a few smart additions can make all the difference.

To help you move seamlessly from summer to autumn, consider investing in these eight key new season pieces.

1. The Cardigan

One of the easiest knits to work into your existing wardrobe, a cardigan is perfect for throwing on over your summer tees or buttoning up over a fitted shirt for extra warmth in the office.

For a piece that will work right now, try a lightweight version like this grey number by Journal Standard, which is a crafted from a cotton-blend to ensure you won’t overheat if we do end up experiencing the hallowed ‘Indian Summer’.

Available at END Clothing, priced £85.


2. The Check Shirt

Lumberjack shirts have held their own for quite a while now, proving plaid is more than just a fleeting fashion trend.

To really get the autumnal vibes going, look for high quality flannel versions in rich, seasonally-appropriate palettes – like this design by Parisian label A.P.C.

It will look effortlessly stylish teamed with a pair of raw selvedge jeans, and can be used as a makeshift jacket when the chill hasn’t quite hit.

Available at END Clothing, priced £169.


3. Dark Chinos

The move from summer shorts straight into jeans can be a tough one, so a pair of soft chinos in a dark shade offers an ideal compromise.

Opt for cotton construction to ensure year-round comfort and prioritise slim-fitting styles in deep autumnal hues such as racing green, burgundy or brown for a pair that is fully in-tune with the season.

Available at Topman, priced £25.

Topman Green Slim Chino

4. The Luxury Sweatshirt

Sweatshirts aren’t just for the track anymore, with contemporary labels transforming the sporting style into something truly luxurious.

Premium fabrics, modern cuts and unique detailing have elevated the piece beyond its casualwear roots, allowing you to dress it up with an Oxford shirt and flannel trousers as easily as you can down with a pair of jeans at the weekend.

Try this grey number by Parisian label Maison Kitsuné for a simple, high quality top with a touch of playful branding.

Available at END Clothing, priced £95.


5. The Lightweight Scarf

If it’s not quite coat weather just yet, but if you’re looking to take the edge off the early autumn chill, be sure to pick up a lightweight scarf.

Zara has a strong selection this season, offering a number of relaxed, non-bulky options in autumnal shades that can be thrown on at any moment. This striped design won’t make you feel too hot when you’re out and about, but will help fight that back-of-the-neck wind style.

Available at Zara, priced £9.99.


6. The Canvas Bag

When dressing in autumnal shades – browns, reds, oranges and greens – be sure your accessories blend in with your look too.

This rugged khaki weekend bag by Mango perfectly mixes a neutral tone and contrasting leather-look accents with utilitarian design, resulting in a relaxed option to sling your stuff in for an easy-going weekend away.

Available at Mango, priced £45.99.


7. Graphic Knitwear

On-trend and an easy way to make an effortless statement this autumn, it’s time to opt for a more graphic, eye-catching piece of knitwear.

But printed doesn’t have to mean garish, as this lightweight jumper from ASOS proves. Crafted from a soft touch cotton-blend, the chevron motif brings a retro sporty feel to the sweater, which would work well with slim-cut chinos or athletic shorts for an eye-catching downtime look.

Available at ASOS, priced £26.

ASOS Chevron Stripe Design Jumper

8. The Desert Boots

Desert boots are considered a modern wardrobe essential that every man should own. Coming into their own during the autumn months, a tough, rugged leather pair works for both those rainy days in the city and an informal after-work dinner date.

This timeless brown pair by Clarks – the creator of the iconic silhouette – are crafted to the highest standard and built to withstand anything that Mother Nature throws at you.

Available at Clarks, priced £99.

Desert Boot Beeswax Leather