5 shoes every men should own

Here’s what every guy should have in his closet

Your evening or special occasion can be ruined if you wear the wrong pair of shoes. You may dress impeccably, but wearing the right shoes provide structure to you outfit. If you are the sorts who puts a lot of attention to the outfit that you plan to wear, then you have to give your shoes equal importance. Here are five shoes that you should possess.


1. Sneakers:

Sneakers make for the perfect footwear on weekends when you decide to wear jeans and shirt. Go for something that matches your personality. The idea is to look laidback, not boring.


2. Casual shoes:

You cannot wear your sneakers for every event, hence you need casual shoes that will help you strike a balance. This lace-up pair that has a thin leather sole goes extremely well with straight-fit jeans.


3. Black shoes:

For those who can’t wear sneakers at work, owning a pair of black shoes becomes extremely important. You can team up this pair with your formal attire. And black goes with pretty much everything.


4. Brown shoes:

If you find black boring and predictable, buy a pair of brown shoes. While black is still preferred at most formal gathering, brown has become an acceptable alternative.


5. Ankle boots:

Ankle boots are multifunctional. They work great with business suits or jeans.

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