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The Reformation offers a range of unique and eco-friendly clothing for women. Find a range of dresses, tops, ref jeans, jumpsuits, outerwear, and wedding and party apparel made using sustainable fabrics. The fashions celebrate a feminine figure by accentuating the curves of the body and are crafted to perfectly fit women of different shapes and sizes.

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Consumer Reviews


I’ve bought a few dresses from them and I love how they fit me. They somehow make my body look better and slimmer! A dress I bought from them gives the illusion of having an hourglass figure. Very flattering clothes! I’ve washed them many times and they still look new



I have made multiple purchases from Reformation over the past year. The quality in my opinion is pretty decent with my pieces very fashion forward and chic. I have had zero issues with returning items as I followed their returns policy. The company refunded me on one occasion when fedex delivered my package to the wrong address. As for others complaining about not getting a refund on final sales items, to me the notice was clear when looking at the item prior to purchase.



Ordered a pair of girlfriend collective leggings and they came pretty fast considering the fact that it was shipped overseas. And a big bonus is that the whole brand is focused on sustainability so they didn’t send it all packed in plastic like other brands.



I finally had a chance to shop at Reformation and I was not disappointed. Their styles work for a variety of ages. I was looking for casual clothing and some dresses. The staff was great. I tried on a variety of items and they were very attentive bringing me different sizes and similar items. I bought several dresses and knit T-shirts. I love them and get compliments whenever I wear them.



I never knew how much I’d love shopping sustainably until I started shopping here! My first Reformation purchase was a gown I wore to an event. I was nervous about sizing and although the reference guide was comprehensible, I wanted extra help. Customer care was great in assisting me and my gown was a knockout! After making my purchase and getting the daily emails, I realized how important it is to shop sustainably. Now, I mainly shop from here and designer consignment platforms.



Love the fit of their clothes, I always get a ton of compliments and it always feels great. I always shop during their bi annual sale so I love their prices too. Updated my review since it doesn’t seem super eco friendly even though they say they are



I seriously don’t understand all the bad reviews, I ordered the marlowe dress and it came quicker than what was stated on the website. I can’t speak for US orders and other international orders but I’m from the UK and it was a really smooth process so please don’t be put off! Even the customer service team is really fast to respond. Reformation is the best!



I recently bought a gorgeous dress and am very pleased with the quality. I love their unique, feminine dresses and will purchase again. Shipping was fast too!



Everyone is just salty because they’re either shopping at a store they can’t afford, are buying dresses in the size they WISH they were, and/or are failing to read the ‘final sale’ statement before checkout. These things are your fault. Not the company’s. The reason they didn’t accept half your returns is because their clothes is delicate and the fabric stretches easily if you force it. I’ve spent over $5k on ref clothes, I painlessly returned a dress once, and another time a strap ripped after 3 wears and they completely replaced the dress FREE OF CHARGE! Ref is a good company and half of these haters don’t really hate Ref, they hate the mistakes they made and don’t want to eat the blame (ordering wrong size from being too lazy to measure themselves or ordering dress in their ‘wish size,’ checking out with such childish zeal they missed the blatantly visible ‘final sale,’ or are low key too financially strained to shop here and take their angst out on the store.



I have had nothing but positive experiences at reformation. I am lucky enough to live close to the store on Melrose, so going in to try items on is a big plus. I have also purchased online and I literally get my items in one to two business days. I have exchanged and returned clothes without any problems. People on here mentioned that they didn’t know sale items are not returnable but it clearly states it on the website and when you check out. I have purchased clothes from them for a little over 6 years and I have never had any issues.



I have never had an issue. I only buy online. I get treated so well with customer service. They have always fixed my issue and have given me full refunds time and time again. I have not had the pleasure to shop in store. I shop online and I love it and if there is any issues customer service makes it right every single time! I have tons of Reformation Dresses!


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